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South Gloucestershire is a place where all children and young people enjoy a safe and healthy life, achieve their maximum potential and thrive in their community. We will ensure children, young people and their families are provided with integrated, accessible and equitable services which are designed to target early intervention and support on disadvantaged and vulnerable children and young people and their families; be flexible and user-friendly and involve children, young people and their families and put children, young people and families at the heart of what we do.

In accordance with this vision, we want them to:

  • feel safe and be protected from harm
  • enjoy the best possible physical and mental health and live a healthy lifestyle
  • have every opportunity to achieve their full potential, whoever they are
  • wherever they are from and whatever their family circumstances
  • feel a valued and respected part of the wider community and make a positive contribution to it
  • take responsibility, where appropriate, for their own lives.