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4. Making change happen

To ensure our local system covered the full spectrum of mental health from wider determinants, self-management through to primary, secondary and emergency care we adopted the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) model of mental health. Using this model we group recommendations and actions into three areas each of which has a working group driving and recording progress against the local action plan.

This strategy highlights the key elements of the three areas, but cannot give specific detail on all local services or illustrate every person’s mental health journey. There is crossover between the three areas, and a range of factors including wider determinants and lifestyle will impact on them. Accessing key settings, including workplaces and educational establishments, is also a key part of our approach across all three areas.

No two people are the same, and everyone’s mental health needs are different at different times of their lives. The system must be flexible and responsive to enable and support people to access the type(s) of service they need, when they need it. For some people, this might mean accessing all three areas at the same time.

The three areas are as follows: