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5. One mental health system for South Gloucestershire

In addition to the three areas listed in section 4 we also identified a number of themes that work across the whole care pathway and needed to be addressed separately.


Challenging stigma and raising awareness were important to many of the people we consulted with during the development of the needs assessment. It also became clear that there was not a set approach to mental health campaigns.

This has now been improved and partners are working together more closely around an annual programme. There is still more work to do on co-ordinating local content and branding but significant progress has been made and a group is in place to take this further.

It was also felt that more work needs to take place to simplify signposting and local information both online but also used by front line staff likely to work with people experiencing mental ill health. To this end, new content has been developed to make the mental health system and service offer easier to understand for the public and professionals alike.

Workforce development

An extensive survey was undertaken to get feedback from individuals and organisations about their training needs for mental health and any barriers to them accessing training. This has resulted in more targeted training with a particular focus on training for non (mental health) specialist workforces.

We have also had specific requests for specialist training with suicide prevention a regular request. There is an established mental health workforce development group that oversees and promotes the whole programme along with measuring the impact of the training that is delivered.