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6. Governance and monitoring

We believe we are creating a simple but effective approach to improving mental health across South Gloucestershire.

To ensure everything works as one co-ordinated and jointly owned system, it was agreed that one local indicator set was needed, reporting to an established and publically reported performance cycle. This is owned and co-ordinated by the Mental Health Partnership, which is made up of key stakeholders including service users, carers and public and voluntary agencies and providers. The Partnership reports to the South Gloucestershire Health and Wellbeing Board and will also provide an annual update report that will be provided for the public.

This indicator set consists of high level nationally used indicators as well as a range of local operational indicators that capture shorter term progress in our local action plan. Our local indicator score card can be found in Appendix A. An annual performance report will be produced to measure progress for the whole mental health system in South Gloucestershire.

We will continue to welcome comments and involvement from any member of the South Gloucestershire community, be they service user, carer or professional.