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7. Strategy into action

There is a recognition that the mental health system remains under-resourced, and there is still work to do to achieve parity of esteem with physical health services. Partners across the public and voluntary sectors continue to advocate for a more joined up approach to people’s health, rather than addressing single issues in isolation. This strategy provides a vision for linking physical and mental health, and the wider context of people’s lives. To turn the vision of the Strategy into action, partners across South Gloucestershire work through a range of networks and structures to deliver improvements.

Action plan: In order to coordinate the range of work needed to deliver on our local vision for adult mental health, the MHP oversees the local action plan. This plan contains SMART actions (specific, measureable, achievable, realistic, timely) that are jointly owned and delivered by a range of local stakeholders, and is updated quarterly. The action plan contains the detail on work that is being undertaken or is planned to: address specific issues and wider lifestyle factors, work with particular communities and linked agendas and promote population mental wellbeing. See Appendix B for the current action plan (November 2017).

Continued engagement: We will continue to work proactively and develop links with our communities in a way that meets their needs and supports genuine co-production of our local systems. This includes working with the Mental Health Service User and Carer Forum and supporting local Mental Health Champions.