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Appendix A – Local indicator scorecard

10 national indicators and 18 local indicators

Ref Indicator Indicator score 2016/7 Data source Comments

Self-reported wellbeing

Life worthwhile
Life satisfaction

Public Health Outcome Framework
N2 Rate of access to NHS mental health services by 100,000 population (Mental Health Minimum Data Set)
N3 IAPT: Access rate (IAPT Programme)
N4 Improving Access to Psychological Therapies Recovery Rate (IAPT Programme)
N5 Employment of people with mental illness (NHS Outcomes Framework)
N6 People with mental illness or disability in settled accommodation Public Health Outcome Framework
N7 Excess under 75 mortality rate in adults with severe mental illness NHS OF & PHOF
N8 Patient experience of community mental health services (NHS OF)

Hospital admissions as a result of self harm


Public Health Outcome Framework
N10 Suicide rate Public Health Outcome Framework
L1 Number of hits on SGC mental health pages SGC digital team
L2 Number of hits on Wellaware MH pages Care Forum David Harwood
L3 Number of public engagement sessions SGC Public Health Team
L4 Number of contacts at public engagement sessions SGC Public Health Team
L5 Number of local organisations signing up to a mental health kite mark. SGC Public Health Team/Time to Change & Mindful Employer
L6 Number of local employers supported to improve staff wellbeing SGC Public Health Team Number of employers adopting KIteMark, having onsite sessions or events or sending staff on training
L7 Number of educational settings supported to improve staff wellbeing Number of educational settings adopting KIteMark, having onsite sessions or events or sending staff on training

Number of Mental Health Champions recruited


Number of mental health champions from our priority communities

SGC Public Health Team & Partnership and Commissioning Team, Healthwatch and Southern Brooks
L9 Number of people attending self-management course (including PPMH, ER and WBC) SGC Public Health Team

Number of people taking part in Wellbeing College sessions


% of people reporting improved wellbeing after sessions

WBC contract management
L11 Number of meetings promoting mental health to linked agendas SGC Public Health Team

Number of people supported by Community Connectors


% of those people reporting improved well being after support

Community Connectors Contract management


Number of GPs who are aware of local mental health community offer


Number of GPs who feel they have the skills, local information and capacity to support patients presenting with poor mental health

Local GP snapshot survey
L14 Targeted mental health promotion to priority groups Audit number of priority groups involved in local work
L15 Support VCSE to bid for external grant funding Develop measure with CVS and Care Forum
L16 Number of people with lived experience involved in developing local services Healthwatch, WBC and User involvement group
L17 Number of carers involved in developing local services CAP,WBC
L18 Number of people attending Mental Health Training MH Workforce development sub group