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8.5 Spend on Mental Health

Data from the Community Mental health Profile show that the allocated average spend per head for mental health in South Gloucestershire in 2011/2012 was £147 compared to the English average of £183.This was estimated as the worst spend in England. Using newer 2014 data the mental health spend in South Gloucestershire was £153 per head, compared with a national spend of £210 per head.

The Spend and Outcome tool (SPOT)59 gives an overview of spend and outcomes across key areas of business. It includes a large number of measures of spend and outcomes from several different frameworks. Four categories are described:

  1. Lower spend, better outcome
  2. Higher spend, better outcome
  3. Lower spend, worse outcome
  4. Higher spend, worse outcome

Information from the SPOT tool is provided below for South Gloucestershire Local Authority and South Gloucestershire CCG.

South Gloucestershire Local Authority

The total programme spend was £1329 per head; £24 per head was spent on the Public Health Programme which was in the lower spend, better outcome category. Within the Public Health Programme, spend on Smoking, Drugs and Mental Public Health was also located in the lower spend, better outcome category.

South Gloucestershire CCG

The total programme spend per head was £1867 per head; the mental health programme was £153 per head, compared to a national spend of £210 per head (see Table 8.7)

Table 8.7 Top 10 areas by spend per head for South Gloucestershire CCG

Top 10 areas by spend per head
Programme Spend
Total £1,867
Other £372
Mental health £153
Circulation £152
Musculo skeletal £114
Cancers £109
Neurological £108
Respiratory system £107
Gastro intestinal £101
Genito urinary £96
Dental £80

Looking at the expenditure on mental health compared to clinical outcomes, mental health (MH) had lower spend but better outcomes (see Figure 8.13)

Figure 8.13

Fig 8.13


59 Spend and Outcome Tool. Available from