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Continuing to hear the voice of carers

As we deliver the strategy, we are committed to hearing the voice of carers on an ongoing basis so that their experiences of support informs our work. The specific mechanisms we have to hear from carers include:

  • Carer representatives at the Carers’ Advisory Partnership and Carers’ Strategy Implementation Group are equal partners and bring the concerns and issues of other carers. Carers in South Gloucestershire have the contact details for carer reps so are able to raise issues directly with them. We are working to include a young adult carer at CAP to ensure that we are hearing from a wide range of carers.  The Carers’ Support Centre leads on identifying and supporting carer representatives
  • Young Carers’ Voice influences organisations and services
  • Carers’ open meetings are held twice a year by the Carers’ Support Centre and enable carers to input their views on a range of issues
  • Carers’ Week takes place in June each year, and is an opportunity to identify carers, as well as to hear from them
  • Carers’ Rights Day in November and events for young carers and their families are further opportunities to hear from carers
  • The bi-annual carers’ survey is sent to over 400 adult carers in South Gloucestershire who have had an assessment, and provides a wealth of information
  • Carers are invited to comment on their experience of the carers’ assessment process
  • Organisations supporting carers, including the vibrant network of carers’ group facilitators, will be encouraged to feedback on the issues and challenges for carers

We will also explore how we can hear from a wider range of carers, to add different perspectives to what we hear through the bi-annual carers’ survey.