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What we need to do to meet our commitment and make the strategy a success

While there has been considerable progress since the last strategy, there remains much work to do in identifying and supporting carers, delivering the four aims of the current national action plan and responding to the new national strategy when it is available. We will ensure that all we do is in line with the Care Act 2014 and Children and Families Act 2014.

Our overarching plans can be seen at appendix three. The action plan will be led by South Gloucestershire Council and Clinical Commissioning Group, and will be delivered in partnership with local organisations.

Whilst working within current resources, the focus of the action plan will be on working together across the health and social care system and voluntary and community sector to ensure:

  • carers are on the agenda for all relevant organisations
  • efforts are not duplicated
  • organisations share expertise and knowledge
  • we work with carers to ensure solutions are tailored to carers’ needs
  • we particularly focus on those areas that carers say aren’t working – initially information, help in a crisis and short breaks
  • wherever carers are identified they are able to access further information and support
  • the support we give is tailored for carers at different stages of life, from carers of primary school age to older carers
  • that we continue to use contract monitoring to understand the impacts and outcomes for carers of using commissioned services

To support us in how we work together we will be guided by national good practice documents and joint working agreements, such as the Memorandum of Understanding between Adults and Children Services, and NHS England’s An Integrated Approach to Identifying and assessing Carer Health and Wellbeing.

The development of support for carers will be overseen by the Carers’ Advisory Partnership, which brings together voluntary and community sector organisations with statutory services and carer representatives.

The development of action plans relating to understanding and supporting the needs of carers will be the responsibility of the Carers’ Strategy Implementation Group, with input from the Young Carers’ Strategy Group. This group reports to the Carers Advisory Partnership and is made up of carers’ representatives and partners from the statutory and voluntary and community sector.

As support for carers develops, we will focus on how we measure the impacts of support and any new developments.

During the consultation we also consulted on the dementia and falls draft strategies. There are overlaps with these areas and particularly in developing support for carers of people with dementia. We will ensure we link to other strategies so that outcomes for carers are embedded within our wider cross-cutting work.

Progress on the plans will also be reported to the Health and Wellbeing Board.