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3. Developing better places through cycling

South Gloucestershire Cycle Network

This diagram illustrates the comprehensive network of key cycle routes we are aiming to achieve. It shows how our current and identified future cycle routes link with the cycle routes of our West of England neighbours, as well as highlighting each routes current status within the route hierarchy – this is explained in more detail in Section 6.
02 Tube Map

Links to strategic development sites

South Gloucestershire is an attractive place in which to live and locate a business and this has resulted in significant levels of residential and commercial development over the past few decades. The Core Strategy identifies a continuing need for growth, with around 26,000 new homes and major employment sites at the Enterprise Areas at Emerson’s Green, Filton and Severnside planned over the next decade. The West of England Local Enterprise Partnership estimate that 95,000 new jobs will be created in South Gloucestershire by 2030.

This new development will take place mainly in the north fringe of Bristol, and around the market towns of Yate and Thornbury. Therefore our cycle network must grow to support this development, by providing sustainable routes from people’s homes to the places that they work, shop and socialise, as well as ensuring direct, efficient routes across new developments to improve journeys starting and finishing beyond development boundaries. Provision for cycling will be embedded within all new development from the outset. We also recognise the importance of providing key linkages with Bristol and these linkages will be improved and increased where possible.

Supporting Active Travel first

Walking and cycling as a mode of travel also have positive health impacts and can be incorporated into people’s daily routines.  This is essentially what Active Travel means – being active while you travel. Everybody knows that being active is good for your health, so we want to make this as convenient as possible. In order to do this, we will aim to make sure that cycling (along with walking) is the easiest way to make short journeys, be it to school, to work, the local shops or for leisure.

Developing the Active Travel Network

Our Active Travel Network will continue to grow as development takes place. New developments, such as the Cribbs/Patchway New Neighbourhood, will add to this network as they grow, helping to make stronger connections to existing neighbourhoods and transport interchanges, and connect with the key routes identified by Bristol City Council’s Cycle Strategy.

Developing Liveable Places

Streets are the arteries of our communities, the one public place the majority of people use daily. But streets are more than just a way of getting from A-B, they are a place for community, social interaction and they affect our quality of life for better or worse.

We want to make the streets where we live, work, shop and play in be safe, attractive and enjoyable spaces. By improving cycling facilities, we will create places that are better connected, that people want to live, work and play in. It will allow the sustainable growth of South Gloucestershire by allowing more people to access jobs sustainably and it will create desirable neighbourhoods and a healthier population.

Links to Supplementary Planning Documents and Development Control guidance

This Cycling Strategy will affect both existing areas and new developments within South Gloucestershire. The requirements for the new development in the North Fringe are set out in the Cribbs/Patchway New Neighbourhood Development Framework SPD as well as the Core Strategy and [emerging] Policies, Sites and Places Plan. Sustainability is a key part of these plans. This Cycling Strategy will inform developers of the standards required for infrastructure and linkages to existing urban areas.

School cycle parking

Providing sufficient high quality cycle parking facilities is a crucial factor in encouraging more people to cycle more often. Since 2012/13, through a combination of the LSTF project and the Cycle Ambition Fund, South Gloucestershire has provided 636 new Cycle parking spaces and 794 new scooter parking spaces for Primary and Secondary Schools across the authority.

New cycle parking at Abbeywood School:

Photo of New cycle parking at Abbeywood School