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4. Ongoing engagement and consultation

The public will be engaged and consulted in order to build up a clear understanding of the current barriers to cycling, allowing the Council to work towards their removal. Community groups and local stakeholders were invited to take part in workshops as part of the development of this Strategy and we intend to continue this level of engagement.

The Council is committed to providing ongoing engagement and consultation with stakeholders in the business sector as well as cycle interest groups and local communities. We will continue to engage with the Cycle Forum in order to build an understanding of the needs of cyclists and any issues that may arise. All future engagement will meet the standards set out in the Community Engagement Strategy for South Gloucestershire.

Cycle route gritting

We have invested in new cycle route gritting machinery to help us salt treat key cycle commuter routes and shared use paths to prevent ice from developing in cold weather. This has enabled the Council to increase its route coverage by over 100 per cent, with a total of 14396m now being gritted, compared to 5944m in 2014/15. Meaning that the majority of the A4174 ring road path from Abbeywood Roundabout to its connection with the Bristol and Bath Railway Path in Mangotsfield is now being treated regularly, along with the section of the railway path from the South Gloucestershire/Bristol boundary through to Warmley, enabling more cyclists to continue to ride safely through the winter months.

Tractor mounted grit spreader for cycleways:

Photo of Tractor mounted grit spreader for cycleways