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7. Implementation

Key actions that will help us meet our Targets and deliver our Aims

New Infrastructure: Timescale
  • Bromley Heath walking and cycling bridge, part of the Cycle Trunk Route, funded by Cycle Ambition Fund
By 2017-18
  • Continuation of work to complete the Yate Spur cycle route, currently funded by the Local Growth Fund
2016-17 and beyond
  • Hayes Way shared use Cycle path, funded by Cycle Ambition Fund
By 2017
  • Church Road Shared use Cycle path, part of the Cycle Trunk Route, funded by Cycle Ambition Fund
By 2017
  • Cycle Trunk Route:
    Continue to prioritise the completion of the Cribbs/Patchway to Emersons Green East Cycle Trunk Route, ensuring the route is delivered through new developments and seeking funding for pinch point improvements on existing sections
  • Think cycle:
    Impact on cyclists to be considered as part of the development all Transport Capital Programme schemes
  • 20mph:
    SGC policy to rollout appropriate 20mph provision on routes to all schools by 2019/20, making cycling to school safer
  • Cycle Forum:
    Regular engagement with local cyclists through quarterly Cycle Forum meetings and email updates
  • Partnership working:
    Engaging with Neighbouring Authorities, Developers, Local Business, Highways England and others to deliver an improved cycle network
  • Design Guidance:
    SGC recommends the use of the Sustrans Handbook for Cycle Friendly Design and Cycle Friendly Design Manual when designing new or improved cycle routes

Successful delivery of this Strategy is subject to the continued availability of sufficient funding. Internal funding sources, such as the Council’s Local Transport Capital Programme and the Maintenance budget are approved annually and provide some core funding, and the Council works with developers as part of the planning process to secure Section 106 funding for Sustainable Travel improvements. However the majority of funding for cycle infrastructure schemes, including the Local Growth Fund, and Department for Transport grants such as the Cycle Ambition Fund, come from the submission of funding bids to external sources and as such cannot be guaranteed.

Cycle route lighting schemes

Providing new street lighting to illuminate unlit sections of existing cycle routes can significantly improve accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists, particularly during winter months, by encouraging greater use of the path during hours of darkness.

Using funding from the Local Sustainable Transport Fund and Cycle Ambition Fund, we provided new street lighting on 3.3km of key cycle routes during 2015/16, including sections of the Bristol and Bath Railway Path, and Ring Road Cycle Path. Using energy efficient lighting and part-night operation (switched off between 1am and 5am) has helped to minimise the environmental impact of the new lights.

Bristol and Bath railway path near Staple Hill: