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1. Foreword

I am pleased to present our new 2016 Market Position Statement. This document is aimed at health and social care providers, both current and potential. It will also be of value to those who are interested more generally in the future of the care market in our area.

When the Care Act 2014 came into effect last year, this represented the most significant reform to the care and support system for a generation. It placed new duties on local authorities to shape, develop and stimulate a diverse, sustainable and quality care market to promote the wellbeing of the whole local population, not just those whose care we currently fund. At the same time we are conscious of our responsibilities under the Children and Families Act 2014 for the children and young people we support. Improving our vision of how this links into adult services provision, will in turn help providers understand what we need to do together to provide the quality services that will ensure our service users can achieve the best possible outcomes as they move through the stages of their lives’ journeys.

We have therefore needed to move from being an influence on the care market solely through our own purchasing to one where, with providers, we can seek to shape, facilitate and support the entire care market. At the same time we also need to consider the service and business risks we share with our providers in terms of supporting market sustainability, along with our duty to step in to ensure continuity of care in the event of provider failure.

At the heart of this market shaping task is our commitment to co-production and engagement with everyone affected. This year more than ever, we have engaged with providers, commissioning partners, local communities, our service users and our citizens, young and old, to highlight good practice. We have listened to the young people we support to ensure their voices are heard and given them a real say in appointing both staff and service providers. This has helped us to find out how we can meet the increasing demands and changing customer expectations against the backdrop of reduced funding.

We have built upon previous successes in promoting personalisation and choice and are working to increase the already high numbers of people who receive self-directed support. This will continue to be an increasingly key element of how local care and support services are purchased, where everyone using social care can exercise the level of control over their own care and support they choose.

Producing this Market Position Statement is therefore a key component of the ‘market shaping’ process. It extends beyond those providers we already fund to all those operating within the local market. Using this document, independent, voluntary and community organisations can learn about future opportunities and how they can develop their services to address local needs, develop and strengthen their skills.

This Market Position Statement represents our vision for the future, examines current and future supply and demand and signals business opportunities within the care market in our area. It brings together data from the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment, commissioning strategies and the results of our market and customer surveys into a single document. It recognises the vital importance of supporting our providers to develop the services which will provide the children, young people and adults we support with choice, quality and cost efficient services. To do this, we will continue to promote a market which thrives on diversity and excellence and which provides good quality services where people can achieve better outcomes, safely and independently, in their communities.


Peter Murphy

Director for Children, Adults & Health