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11. Housing for Older Adults including ExtraCare

Older people require suitable, comfortable and secure housing to retain independence, quality of life and wellbeing.  A spectrum of housing options are available to older people, falling into 3 categories: mainstream housing, specialist older peoples housing and residential care homes (see section 12 Residential and Nursing Care)

There are a range of homes in South Gloucestershire available in a range of tenures to generally begin to meet the needs and choice of our ageing population. South Gloucestershire has a strategic aim to enable the delivery of ExtraCare accommodation as an effective housing with care solution for older people. Underpinning this commitment is the provision of a wider choice of tenure to match the increasing demographic change of older people in South Gloucestershire.

As well as the care and social benefits, improving housing choice for older people will in many cases release under occupied family homes in the rented and owner occupied sector thereby improving its supply. Overall its provision will lead to a better utilisation of the housing stock and can add to housing choice for local communities. New schemes may also contribute to the wider regeneration of an area through the redevelopment of buildings, the better utilisation of land and the creation of new employment opportunities.

The Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) for the Wider Bristol housing market area 2105, establishes the level of housing need over the period 2016-2036 and identifies needs for all types of housing (Opinion Research Services 2015). The SHMA explores the demand for housing for older people. Specialist housing for older people, including ExtraCare accommodation, is required to meet specific need but its provision needs to be considered alongside support and care needs, and the cost of these services.

Projecting the demand for specialist older people’s accommodation is difficult as it also relies on health, care and support needs. There is a shortage of specialist capacity including for people with dementia and challenging behaviour and specialist accommodation is currently being scoped to seek to meet these needs.