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13 How the Market Position Statement relates to the Council’s Overall Business

The Council is a major purchaser of goods and services and spends over £180 million a year on obtaining a vast range of supplies, works and services from the external market.

Although the Council’s expenditure on health and social care represents a significant proportion of its overall spending, for those who are interested in how this fits into overall commissioning or want to sell or provide their services and supplies to the Council, we have put together a ‘Selling to the Council’ guide to assist suppliers and potential providers who wish to do so, by:

  • outlining the rules that the Council must follow
  • explaining where to find details of opportunities to supply the Council
  • explaining how to tender for the Council’s business
  • explaining what is expected of you when undertaking work for us

This guide also contains links to this Market Position Statement as well as a variety of other useful information which is relevant to organisations of all types and sizes. The Council has strong and positive business relationships with the private, public and third sector and commissions and develops services with numerous SMEs, voluntary sector and community organisations.