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14. Conclusion and Summary

This Market Position Statement is intended to provide an overview of current thinking in relation to children’s young people’s and adult care services in South Gloucestershire, to highlight some of the opportunities and demands we have recognised and to encourage a dialogue with others. Future editions will seek to address wider commissioning aspects within the Department relating to Public Health commissioning which now sits within the Council. Our ambition is to also provide an even greater emphasis on opportunities within our 0 – 25 services for children and young people and to encourage the development of an ever improving range of service provision to make the transition into adulthood a seamless and rewarding experience, whether as a corporate parent or a provider of care and support to the young person and their family.

We recognise that it is only by working together in co-production with commissioning partners, service providers, young people, adults and their communities within South Gloucestershire that we will achieve the best possible outcomes.

All business opportunities contained within this report must be considered within the context of significant budget pressures and planned reductions in funding for public services over the medium term. There is a need for commissioners and service providers to work more closely in the future to support the development of a sustainable market for people both to benefit from and in which to seek and find employment. This market needs to be sustainable while at the same time encouraging innovation and creativity, with a focus on supporting people to achieve the things that matter to them, enabling them to lead the lives they choose while achieving positive health and wellbeing outcomes. Achieving these better outcomes will also produce efficiency savings by encouraging people to become more independent and in control of their own lives as well as the support they choose. This is particularly important for the young people we support to achieve true independence through education, training and support to wherever possible enter meaningful employment and enjoy happy and fulfilling lives in our community.

To do this, we wish to continue to engage with our partners to build a diverse, comprehensive and high quality care market, to ensure we can promote independence, choice and control for all. In addition to clear contract and performance monitoring and management arrangements, we are also continually developing our range of established as well as new approaches to consultation and co-production, to ensure the commissioning of quality, outcome based and value for money support services. As part of this we are particularly keen to ensure that people with experience of services are more actively involved in the design of services and monitoring the quality of support provided. This feedback from the children, young people and adults  service users who are themselves recognised as the experts where their care and support needs are concerned, is paramount and is gathered through surveys, provider and Council customer satisfaction data, via service user and carers groups along with telephone, email and social media contact. Similarly, we engage with our providers through a number of service based forums and directly through direct quality and performance monitoring. We also continue to work alongside our local, regional and national partners and a wide range of professional and industry groups to share information and best practice.

We welcome your comments about this Market Position Statement and in particular its value to you as a provider and how it can be enhanced in future versions. We are interested, particularly, in your views about how we can continue to provide and develop quality services that deliver real outcomes for individuals to achieve greater cost efficiencies within a best value approach.

If you are a provider reading this and would like to know more or to tell us more, then please contact us at

Finally, thank you for taking the time to read our new Market Position Statement for adult social care in South Gloucestershire. We will continue to build and forge strong relationships with you our providers and partners so that together we can continue to be proud of the services we deliver and the positive outcomes we achieve in supporting everyone in our area to achieve their personal health and wellbeing goals.