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2.2 Summary of Priorities

In Children, Adults & Health we have already set out our priorities for change in 2015/16 and as a result subsequently published a set of Commissioning Priorities.  Many of these will be referred to in this document as the drivers behind the forthcoming business opportunities they will generate for new and potential providers of services. Listed below are the key actions that have been taking place during 2015/16 and continue to drive forward the Department’s priorities for change:

  • South Gloucestershire is a place where all children and young people should enjoy a safe and healthy life, achieve their maximum potential and thrive in their community.
  • To work in partnership to introduce a range of reforms under the Care Act to improve the lives of existing and new care users, their carers and families.
  • Continue to build upon the single strategic safeguarding communications plan that has now been developed and signed off by both the children’s and adults’ safeguarding boards
  • Personalisation
  • Develop a new expandable shared lives service which can extend from young people in transition through to adults with a wide range or support needs
  • Contribute to the delivery of the rehabilitation, reablement and recovery strategy in partnership with the local NHS
  • Equitable access
  • Monitor and respond to the implementation of the Care Act Part 1
  • Prepare for implementation of the Care Act Part 2
  • Procurement of new care home framework jointly with South Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group including the care home reablement initiative
  • Re-commission our framework of short breaks/respite care providers
  • Value for money
  • Implement and support the delivery of the Council’s Savings Programme
  • Skilled workforce
  • Commence procurement of new IT systems for children’s and adults’ services
  • Deliver the connecting care project to share key data across health and social care professionals
  • Strong partnerships in a developing local market
  • Continued implementation of Better Care Fund including Work with the NHS to develop integrated health and social care pathways and local ‘cluster’ co-ordination
  • Re-development of two Council owned sites for potential new care homes
  • Further development of community capacity including via our Precious Time Project
  • Work with the local NHS on effective patient flows, including supported discharges from acute Hospital trusts
  • Undertake market shaping and enabling activities to promote additional capacity in the residential and nursing home sector as well as ExtraCare housing

This Market Position Statement seeks to further explore the current state of the market and where priorities lie in relation to supply and demand and consequent potential business opportunities. It has drawn upon a variety of information and data based upon the new Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and ongoing work to deliver and balance work towards achieving the above Commissioning Priorities.  Most importantly it seeks to address how we can take forward, by working with and listening to our partners and providers, the work already undertaken through consultation and coproduction with our communities, carers and the children, young people and adults we support to develop good quality services, where people can exercise choice and achieve better outcomes. By finding better ways of working and meeting people’s needs, through innovation, enterprise, capacity building and empowerment of the individual, the Council will work with the care market to achieve the necessary efficiency savings required for it to continue to meet the needs of growing and ageing population.