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4.1 Direction and Possible Business Opportunities

  • The sub-regional Independent Fostering framework ends in April 2017 and all commissioners are working together to have a Dynamic Purchasing System in place thereafter. A market engagement event is anticipated in June 2016.
  • The sub-regional framework for housing and support for care leavers is being reviewed and a market engagement event is anticipated in the summer with a re-launch through a Dynamic Purchasing System by the end of the year.
  • Existing short break provision is being mapped to compare to projected demand and identify the gaps. A gap is already perceived for 18 -25 year olds where independent living skills need to be developed and where they young people need to be supported into employment.  The 0-25 parent partnership is giving young people and families a voice in co-producing the required service model for the future.  It is anticipated that a tender process will be run during 2018 for new services from April 2019.
  • A sub-regional framework for residential home placements has recently been launched through a Dynamic Purchasing System which will be open periodically for new applications.
  • An alternative education catalogue/framework has recently been launched in South Gloucestershire. It is anticipated that opportunities to join the catalogue will re-open either 6 monthly or annually.
  • A new model for providing ‘Positive Activity’ within Youth Centres will be co-designed and tendered during 2016 for launch from April 2017