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5.1 Direction and Possible Business Opportunities.

  • The contract for children’s social care management information services (MIS) is currently out to tender but there will be an opportunity for suppliers to bid for the adults MIS service in 2018, with the contract due for renewal in spring 2019. Given the longer timeframes and likelihood of government-led changes affecting the relationship between Health and Social Care during this time, although the Department has chosen to procure this separately as a phase 2, we will look at the situation and reconsider the options again towards the end of this year.
  • Enabling universal access to preventative services can help individuals to remain independent, opportunities exist to provide services and support at affordable rates which can be marketed directly at members of the community who may benefit most – there is significant interest in cleaning, gardening, shopping, simple home maintenance as well as pet care and visiting / befriending initiatives. The Economy and Skills Strategic Partnership (ESSP), of which the Council is a member, is helping new businesses to form and to improve skills, training and workforce development.
  • We are promoting to providers the opportunities available through the self-funder market offering low level support services directly to customers, we recognise the need to ensure that people who fund their own care have access to good financial advice.
  • We are promoting and supporting communities to become “dementia friendly” in line with the Prime Minister’s Challenge on Dementia, initially this work has focused on new communities coming forward at Patchway and the Cribbs Causeway area but partners are now working to expand the approach across South Gloucestershire.
  • We are working with the voluntary sector to review how we commission services to ensure that resources are being used as effectively as possible and that there is both sufficient capacity and appropriate services to help people to remain at home. We are keen to support a vibrant community sector that is not dependent upon public sector funding.
  • Continuing work is needed to reduce the cost of social care packages through the use of Assistive Technology. We welcome expansion of the market in Assistive Technology and wish to work with providers of Residential/ Nursing Care, ExtraCare and care at home to identify how services can be remodelled using Assistive Technology.
  • We will continue work with providers to embed the use of technology to support people with dementia, stroke survivors and people living with other long term conditions to have greater control over their lives, remain in their own homes with support from carers.