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6.1 Direction and Possible Business Opportunities.

  • We will continue to support the establishment and development of carer led peer support initiatives which help carers maintain their own identity and offer mutual support. Progress has been made this year in understanding the needs of bereaved carers, and in supporting the development of peer support for this group.
  • We will take the learning from Getting Help and Connected (the carer’s assessment) to develop new pathways for parents of disabled children. We will also focus on how the needs of young carers are assessed and met.
  • We will continue to explore the supply and provision of short breaks for carers, and the issues involved in finding replacement care and support.
  • We will continue to ensure there are mechanisms in place to meaningfully involve carers as expert care partners in service commissioning, delivery and monitoring of services at all levels. A particular focus for development will be the involvement and development of services for young adult carers; and a focus on supporting carers to sustain their employment, funded from central government as one of nine test and learn pilots.