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7.1 Direction and Possible Business Opportunities.

  • The development of community capacity and community based activities, including carer led and peer support initiatives, which support people with dementia to continue to live an active life and remain as independent as possible within their community.
  • The development and expansion of community based services and peer led initiatives which will address loneliness and social isolation to ensure that people are able to participate in activities and groups within their own communities and neighbourhoods.
  • Opportunities for independent and community organisations to provide services to disabled people leading to employment, self-employment or contributing to their community.
  • Further development of services providing easy access, appropriate learning and training, work experience and volunteering opportunities and support to enable young people to develop the skills for independent living.
  • Continued expansion of community and smaller scale building based provision within the community, independent and not for profit sector, either commissioned by the Council or increasingly by Direct Payment recipients.