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4. Stakeholder views

We have run a number of events and focus groups to gather the views of young people, parents and carers, professionals and service providers. The events and focus groups were as follows:

  • Bristol and South Gloucestershire children’s community health services stakeholder findings 2014 (professionals and parents/carers)
  • Healthwatch ‘Being Me’ event October 2014 (children and young people)
  • CYP professionals service mapping event November 2014 (providers and elected members)
  • Schools health survey February 2015 (6000 responses from students)
  • SEN conference March 2015 (parents and carers)
  • South Gloucestershire Youth Board August 2015 (children and young people)

During this process a broad range of views were expressed but a number of priorities were consistently identified by local stakeholders.

Whole population and whole system development (mental health promotion)

  • A joined up care pathway that is clearly mapped and understood by professionals and the public alike. What is the local offer?
  • Basic mental health awareness training for CYP professionals including strategies for promoting resilience and self-management along with the local knowledge to signpost.
  • More information/training for parents about how to promote positive mental health in their children.
  • More information/training for CYP about how to manage their own mental health positively.
  • Work with schools and parents to address exam and academic pressures.
  • Campaigns to address stigma and bullying across a range of risk factors (appearance, sexuality, disability, race).

Targeted prevention (mental illness prevention)

  • Approaches that support CYP in the context of the whole family situation including parental risk factors and co-ordinating with adult services.
  • Proactive support and development of protective factors for CYP most likely to experience mental ill health including children in care, children with disabilities, young offenders, young carers and Gypsies and Travellers.
  • More community based support for mums experiencing mild post natal depression (PND).

Strengthening the care pathway for young people with identified mental ill health (treatment and rehabilitation)

  • A range of alternatives for young people who do not meet the CAMHS service thresholds including increased capacity for talking therapies, key workers and peer support groups.
  • More capacity within CAMHS.
  • More support for young people before the transition into adult services.