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3. Ensure high quality information about dementia, local services and support is available to all those with a dementia diagnosis and their carers


Everyone needs good quality information to enable them to make the right choices to plan their future, make the best decisions possible in relation to their care and support needs and to make decisions for a time in the future when they may not be able to make those decisions themselves. This is particularly important to the people with dementia and their carers.

Ongoing Work

The ‘Living Well with Dementia’ roadshows will continue in 2017/18.  We will investigate piloting of ‘mini roadshows’ in GP practices to compliment the roadshows.

The Avon and Wiltshire Partnership Memory Service offers post-diagnostic support to all people with dementia diagnosis and their carers.

We continue to improve information about services and support for people living with dementia available on the Well Aware website and telephone helpline.

A new, more accessible ‘Dementia Guide to Services’ has been developed and is available to replace the Information Prescription.

The Alzheimer’s Society offer a local and national information and advice helpline, a range of factsheets, carers groups and social activities to support people with dementia and their carers.

The Community Learning Difficulties Team has a range of accessible information about having a learning difficulty and dementia which includes where you can get support and who might give you that support, information for people who may be more likely to get dementia and the various tests and treatments you might expect if you are being investigated or treated for dementia and have a learning difficulty.

We are piloting Dementia Advisors, a partnership between the Alzheimer’s Society and Sirona, to be the main contact to enable people with dementia and their carers to access information and services to meet the needs of the person with dementia generally and when in crisis. Ensuring that they can access the right support and services at the right time.

Community Connectors support individuals: to access a range of information and activities, to develop skills and develop strong local support networks. The aim is to improve individual wellbeing and self-care using social prescribing techniques. The Community Connectors project is a community led by volunteers who will be supported by paid staff, in each cluster.

Future plans

Ensure support and services are available for younger people with a diagnosis of dementia.

Develop the Dementia Advisors pilot into normal working practices.