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Action plan and governance

Action plan

The detailed commitments that will help us achieve this strategy are in our action plan.

The action plan also address the priorities, improvements and gaps identified in the Dementia JSNA. The action plan will be led by South Gloucestershire Council and South Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group and will be delivered in partnership with the local organisations from whom we commission services.

This is not a fully costed action plan, as suggested in the recommendation from the Expanding the Options Report. Having reviewed the complexity and patchwork of funding that makes up dementia support and care in South Gloucestershire and it has not been possible to develop the detailed financial information required to do this.


The action plan will be overseen by the South Gloucestershire Dementia Planning Group.

This group is a multiagency group that is jointly chaired by South Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group and South Gloucestershire Council and consists of representatives from health and social care organisations and the voluntary sector. It meets bi-monthly and is accountable to the Better Care Fund Delivery Group and the Health and Wellbeing Board via the Older People’s Planning Group.

We will endeavour to adhere to these principles in the delivery of this strategy.