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Our priorities – 1. Increase awareness and understanding of dementia amongst professionals and the public


Increasing awareness and understanding of dementia is important to:

  • enable people to take steps to reduce their risk of dementia
  • encourage people with symptoms to access support
  • enable communities to support people with dementia and recognise symptoms in friends and family
  • promote professional understanding

There is growing evidence indicating that certain medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity may increase the risk of dementia, whereas a healthy lifestyle may reduce the risk. We recognise that minimising people’s risk of developing dementia is also important for the population as a whole.

Ongoing work

There are a range of local initiatives encouraging older people to have active and healthy lifestyles. We will continue to raise awareness using national public health initiatives promoting healthy lifestyles. Encouraging them to make choices to reduce their risk of dementia, and stay fit, well and independent as they get older.

South Gloucestershire Dementia Action Alliance will continue to work with Dementia Friends and other partners to increase understanding of dementia and build community support for people with dementia.

We will continue to offer the local ‘Living Well with Dementia’ roadshows and new dementia guide to services.

Future plans

Continue raising awareness of dementia amongst minority communities.

Investigate and develop mix of roadshows, delivering them in GP surgeries as well as in large community facilities.

Ensure that health and care staff are aware of and promote the importance of healthy lifestyles.

Through the Dementia HIT link up health, social care and hospitals to create generic dementia training.  Enabling the workforce to move between sectors without needing to take additional training.