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Older people are an important and growing population in South Gloucestershire. We celebrate the fact that we are living longer. To maintain good health and to stay well we need to work together as a community to provide care and support both when people are well and when their health is not so good.

In South Gloucestershire we want to make real change for older people and are jointly developing strategies on three issues that significantly impact on older people’s wellbeing: dementia services, falls prevention and support for carers. Some younger carers care for older people, and many are older people also care for each other.

These matters do not affect anyone in isolation. All three can be part of an individual’s daily life and it makes sense to develop them together.

In South Gloucestershire there are approximately 3,300 people with dementia and this is set to increase to 5,200 by 2025. We know that as well as changing the life of the person with dementia, dementia has a significant impact on the lives of relatives, friends and neighbours who often take on caring roles.

We want people with dementia and their carers to live well and be supported to do so throughout the progression of the disease. They will know about and be able to access the right support and services at the right time. We want dementia to become everyone’s business. This means that we need to ensure everyone knows about dementia and that people can live well with dementia, throughout the progression of the disease, in South Gloucestershire.

This strategy and action plan sets out how South Gloucestershire Council and South Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group and partners will work together to improve the lives of people with dementia and their carers and we hope that you will support and join us in this challenge.


Matthew Riddle – Health and Wellbeing Board – Chair

Jane Gibbs – Health and Wellbeing Board – Vice Chair