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Where we want to be

We aim to deliver this strategy within existing funding commitments. Any changes to delivery will be achieved by redesigning services and will use existing funding differently to achieve the required aims.

By delivering the priorities and actions set-out in this strategy we aim to ensure that people with dementia and their carers are treated as individuals and are able to access the right support and care, at the right time so that they can continue to live well with dementia within supportive and understanding communities. Our vision for South Gloucestershire involves every member of the community. We will work with local communities to support, understand and include people with dementia so that they can live well as active and valued members of our society.

For those living with dementia we will ensure that there is an appropriate diagnosis pathway and that services are joined up so that it is easy for people to access the support and care and that they need, to avoid crisis, without falling in to gaps between services.

We will take a proactive approach to supporting people to stay within their home and community wherever possible through the provision of care and support so that they can live well on a daily basis. At difficult times, such as crisis or illness, if people do need to travel to health or care services that cannot be delivered within their community, e.g. acute hospitals and/or specialist inpatient hospitals, this will be for as short a time as possible, with the aim to get the person back to their home as soon as possible.

We would like to review the ways in which we offer hospital care for people with dementia. We will investigate and develop a range of options and community facilities to offer range of care and support to meet the various and sometimes complex and challenging behaviours of people with dementia. This will prevent and reduce hospital admission and therefore reducing acute care costs.

When people with dementia need to be in hospital we need to ensure that appropriate care is available in the community to so that they can be discharged at an appropriate time and that their length of stay is not unduly extended.

Wherever possible, South Gloucestershire Council and South Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group will work with these organisations to co-produce new service developments to complement existing service provision and strategic approaches.