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Useful documents

South Gloucestershire Partnership Against Domestic Abuse has produced many useful documents that could help your agency in dealing with domestic abuse.

South Gloucestershire Best Practice Guidance for Identifying and Responding to Domestic Abuse

This guide has detailed advice and guidance on how to:

  • Identify domestic abuse in terms of signs and symptoms and risk factors
  • Respond to domestic abuse through the use of safety actions, onward referrals and practitioner’s safety
  • Complete the DASH risk assessment to determine the level of risk

This document also provides useful guidance on safety planning, including safety planning with children and young people.

South Gloucestershire MARAC Operating Protocol

This provides a step by step guide to the Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC) process for high risk victims of domestic abuse. The
MARAC is a multi-agency meeting to share information and formulate a risk management plan for the highest risk victims of domestic abuse and their families The protocol provides guidance on risk assessing, making referrals, information sharing and a guide to the meeting itself.

South Gloucestershire Joint Procedures for Sharing Information on Domestic Abuse with South Gloucestershire Schools

This protocol outlines the process for sharing personalised information in terms of police incident reports being shared with South Gloucestershire schools, and the information sharing process of schools linking into the MARAC process. This document provides clear guidance on the role and responsibility of schools in terms of dealing with domestic abuse. For a copy of this policy, please contact  or on 01454 868751

South Gloucestershire Directory of Domestic Abuse Services

An electronic directory is available detailing all services in South Gloucestershire. A small pocket-sized directory can also be requested in hard copy from the South Gloucestershire Council Community Safety Team.

South West Child Protection Procedures

This provides information on the statutory guidance for child protection for the whole of the South West for hard copy reference

For a copy of any of the listed documents, or to request leaflets please contact:
South Gloucestershire Council Community Safety Team:  Tel:01454 868751

Alternatively, please visit the South Gloucestershire Council website for more  information: search for domestic abuse/violence

PSHE Association

This is Abuse discussion guide with new guidance on ‘sexting’, gangs and more.

Confidentiality is important, however please remember that Safeguarding overrides confidentiality, and you have a duty of care to share information and ensure the safety and wellbeing of those children and young people for whom you are responsible, in accordance with Children Act 1989 and 2004 and Information Sharing: advice for practitioners providing safeguarding service (2015) This duty also extends to sharing information for the prevention of crime, under section 115 of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 and may apply to adults e.g. parents.