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Part 4: Objectives


The following objectives have been formulated as a result of the involvement of a wide range and number of stakeholders.

Responsibility for the operational delivery of our actions rests with all staff. Each department head has responsibility to ensure that staff have the skills and knowledge to implement their responsibilities under this action plan.

We realise that a range of the actions we have developed will improve all areas of our equality and diversity policy and practices.

Key objectives

We have identified four key objectives which we will focus on over the next three years, together with the ways in which we will measure success:

Objective Measuring success
Objective 1: To ensure a consistently high and effective approach to managing equalities Our system for managing equalities is consistently followed as described in part 3 of this equality plan
Objective 2: To ensure fair treatment for all by council services Percentage of residents surveyed who believe they have received unfair treatment from council services on the basis of protected characteristics
Objective 3: To reduce any gaps in service use, take-up and outcomes. Analysis of data within each service of gaps in service use, take-up and the achievement of intended outcomes.
Objective 4: To continuously improve equality of opportunity for our employees and job applicants, leading to a diverse workforce at all levels of the organisation. Analysis of equalities gaps as assessed in annual ‘Equalities in Employment’ report together with attitudes and experiences of staff from biennial staff survey.

Priorities and actions to address these objectives will be published annually.