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Appendix C – indicators

Area for collective action Indicator Source

Whole strategy


4.03 Mortality rate from causes considered preventable PHOF
0.1 Healthy life expectancy PHOF
0.2 Differences in life expectancy and healthy life expectancy between communities PHOF
1. Improve educational attainment of children and young people and promote their wellbeing and aspirations. 1.01ii – Children in low income families (under 16s) PHOF
1.01 – Children in low income families (all dependent children under 20) PHOF
1.02 – School Readiness PHOF
1.03 – Pupil absence PHOF
1.02i – School Readiness: the percentage of children achieving a good level of development at the end of reception (Persons) PHOF
Educational outcomes for students at Key Stage 1-5 Local
Number of good and outstanding schools and colleges Local
2. Promote and enable positive mental health and wellbeing for all. 2.23 – Self-reported wellbeing PHOF
2.10 – Emergency Hospital Admissions for Intentional Self-Harm PHOF
1.18 Social isolation PHOF
4.09 Excess under 75 mortality rate in adults with serious mental illness PHOF
4.10 Suicide rate PHOF
Depression prevalence PHE MH Profile
1.06 Adults in contact with secondary mental health services who live in stable and appropriate accommodation PHOF
1.08 Employment for those who are in contact with secondary mental health services PHOF
1.18 Social isolation PHOF

3. Promote and enable good nutrition, physical activity and a healthy weight for all.


2.02 Breastfeeding PHOF
2.06 Child excess weight in 4-5 and 10-11 year olds PHOF
2.11 Fruit and vegetable consumption PHOF
2.12 Excess weight in adults PHOF
2.13 Proportion of physically active and inactive adults. PHOF
Proportion of children and young people who are physically active PHE PA Profile
4. Maximise the potential of our built and natural environment to enable healthy lifestyles and prevent disease. 1.17 – Fuel poverty PHOF
1.10 – Killed and seriously injured (KSI) casualties on England’s roads PHOF
1.16 Utilisation of outdoor space for exercise / health reasons PHOF
3.01 Fraction of mortality attributable to particulate air pollution PHOF
Mean annual background concentration of PM 2.5 and PM 10 particulates Local
Proportion and total number of affordable new homes built Local