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Delivering the strategy

Although the strategy includes a limited number of areas to focus on, its scope is wide and delivery will require a “health in all policies” approach, advocating for health considerations to be incorporated into decision making across sectors, policy and service areas.

The areas for collective action cover responsibilities of a number of organisations and partnerships and some are already included in existing strategies and commissioning and action plans. Implementation of these will be key to delivery of the vision and outcomes of this strategy. Careful consideration has been given to where and how the Health and Wellbeing Board can add value to existing work to achieve better outcomes through the strategy.

The Health & Wellbeing Board will oversee and drive the implementation of the strategy through its member organisations and partnerships, which in turn will be accountable to the Board for progress. Health and Wellbeing Board members will act as champions for the areas for collective action across South Gloucestershire.

As plans are refreshed and new plans are developed, the Health and Wellbeing Board will ensure they are aligned to priorities set out within the strategy and the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment. This will allow the strategic actions to be kept live and relevant to the needs of our local population.

Health and Wellbeing Board lead partnerships for delivery of our collective actions:

Action Area Lead Partnership(s) for delivery Related strategy(s)
1. Improve educational attainment of children and young people, and promote their wellbeing and aspirations.

Children, Young People and Families Partnership

South Gloucestershire Local School Standards Board

Children and Young People’s Plan (2016-2020)

School Improvement Policy

Early Help Strategy

2. Promote and enable positive mental health and wellbeing for all.

Children, Young People and Families Partnership

Children, Young People Mental Health Whole System Group

Mental Health Partnership

Children and Young People’s Mental Health and Emotional Well-being Strategy 2017-21

Adult Mental Health and Emotional Well-being Strategy 2017-21

Suicide Prevention Action Plan

Ageing Better Plan 2017-22

3. Promote and enable good nutrition, physical activity and a healthy weight for all.

South Gloucestershire’s Healthy Weight Group

Physical Activity Partnership

Food Plan Steering Group

Healthy Weight Strategy 2014-2020

Physical Activity Strategy 2015-2020

Food Plan 2018-21

Infant Feeding Strategy 2018-22

Falls Prevention and Bone Health Strategy 2017-21

4. Maximise the potential of our built and natural environment to enable healthy lifestyles and prevent disease.

Strategic Housing Partnership

West of England Combined Authority

West of England Public Health Partnership

West of England Nature Partnership

South Gloucestershire Local Plan

South Gloucestershire Housing Strategy

Emerging West of England Joint Spatial Plan and Joint Local Transport Plan

Prospectus: An investment Strategy for the natural environment, stronger communities and a healthy economy

See Appendix B for the South Gloucestershire Council Children and Adult Health Committee Structure.

In addition to delivering this strategy the Health and Wellbeing Board has a wider role to ensure that high quality, person-centred integrated care and support is a reality for the population of South Gloucestershire. For the duration of this strategy the Board will therefore continue to provide leadership for and monitor the allocation of health and social care resources, and the commissioning and delivery of services to meet needs and priorities across South Gloucestershire, as identified in the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA).