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Evidence base – Hotspot approach

The hotspot areas highlighted in this year’s analysis are broadly consistent with those identified in previous years, although good progress has been made with offending in Kingswood when compared to the rest of South Gloucestershire. For this reason, the working group considered that it was appropriate to maintain a focus on hotspot areas rather than moving away from this approach.

Our priority neighbourhood areas remain an area of focus and featured in a number of agency submissions. Hate crime hotspots were identified in Patchway, Filton and Kingswood, and Kingswood has overtaken Patchway as the area which sees the most antisocial behaviour and domestic violence reports from Merlin housing tenants.  Patchway, Kingswood and Filton also recorded the highest number of ASB-related incidents and crimes per 1,000 population and many of these ASB cases were complex in nature.

Levels of domestic violence on the Probation caseload were disproportionately focussed in Patchway, Yate, Kingswood, Staple Hill and Mangotsfield. There were higher than average levels of alcohol-related hospital admissions in all priority neighbourhood areas apart from Yate and Dodington, and higher than average alcohol-specific hospital admissions in all six priority neighbourhood areas. The Young People’s Substance Misuse service received the highest level of referrals from Dodington, Kings Chase and Frenchay & Stoke Park wards.

Dealing with these issues in hotspots is not easy, but the strategic assessment working group identified that a partnership focus on these areas has proven successful in recent years. Following on from a multi-year joint approach to tackle issues in Kingswood for example, police data has shown that offending levels in Kingswood are significantly better than for South Glos as a whole (a 36% reduction in dwelling burglary in Kingswood for example, compared to a 32% increase in South Glos as a whole).