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Evidence Base – Shifting to an operational partnership approach

The Safer & Stronger Partnership brings agencies together and facilitates joint working on issues where we can have the most impact together: this strategic assessment identifies those issues. The way that the partnership operates is also worthy of examination however, to make sure that we’re as efficient and effective as possible.

The working group discussed issues around resources (and the lack of them), and how we can move more quickly to deal with issues as and when they arise. The group felt that moving to a more operational partnership approach would be beneficial to ensure that we are constantly using current data to take appropriate decisions and to make sure we don’t lose opportunities whenever they may arise. It is recommended that this can be best achieved by becoming more ‘tactical’, with the groups responsible for delivering activities working to deal with issues outside of partnership meetings.

Given the issues around data availability and sharing noted in the previous section of this assessment, this aim will of course be challenging. New and innovative IT software programmes can help facilitate the physical flow of data between agencies but the way that we work together as partners and as members of the partnership will be just as crucial.