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Executive Summary

The South Gloucestershire Safer and Stronger Communities Strategic Partnership is comprised of a mixture of statutory and voluntary agencies working together to tackle crime and disorder to improve community safety for local residents.

The Partnership has a legal duty to undertake an annual strategic assessment, which is used to inform the annual partnership plan. The plan contains details on how the Strategic Partnership will tackle community safety and priority crime as identified in this assessment.

Each year the JSA working group, acting on behalf of the partnership, identifies areas of joint concern that will be a priority for the coming year.

This year, those areas of joint concern are:

  • Antisocial behaviour
  • Hotspot approach
  • Violent crime including domestic abuse
  • Preventing hate crime and neighbour nuisance
  • Substance abuse
  • Sharing and using data
  • Shifting to an operational partnership approach

The evidence base which has been used to identify this list of priorities is given in restricted appendices.

A summary of this evidence base is given on the following pages. The summaries have been written on the basis of the data submissions provided by the various contributing agencies, and seek to explain why these themes have been identified as joint priorities for participating agencies.

Each priority has some suggestions for actions that the partnership could take to deal with that priority.