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Value for Money (VFM)

Working with partners and communities to make best use of available resources in a climate of demographic and financial pressures, so that people have choice from a wide range of high quality support and services to achieve better outcomes


Carry out the following Transformation Service Reviews:-

  • High Cost Adult Placements 2 (HCAP2)
  • Review of Charges – Implementation
  • Home Care 2
  • Better Support for Older People (BSOP)
  • Resource Allocation System (RAS)


  • HCAP2: Work has successfully concluded on renegotiating costs with the care homes where the highest numbers of South Gloucestershire residents are placed. Now attention is focussed on ongoing with providers which we contract lower volumes from
  • Review of Charges – Implementation: This on target to deliver its financial objectives, partly through increased income and partly through a drop in expenditure as some service users are opting to source their support independently rather than through the council
  • Home Care 2: The approach for contracting homecare services under a new framework agreement from February 2014 was agreed in May 2013, and implementation work is ongoing
  • BSOP: our care home closure programme is on track. The anticipated dates for the opening of two new care homes were autumn 2014 for the Yate home and autumn 2015 for the Kingswood home. Despite going out to tender on two occasions it has not been possible to award a contract. Since the original decision to commission the building of two new care homes there have been five new independent care homes have opened in South Gloucestershire, providing a mixture of 244 residential, nursing and dementia beds. The Adults and Housing Committee will consider options on how to take this review forward in July.
  • Resource Allocation System (RAS): We are continuing to make good progress in both efficiencies achieved as a result of the introduction of the RAS and in raising staff awareness for delivering self-directed support. Further guidance and work with staff teams has led to a closing of the gaps between the amount of resource calculated by the RAS as likely to be necessary to meet a person’s assessed needs and their final personal budgets



Demonstrate the achievement of improved Value for Money arising from the choices made by service users in building care packages to meet agreed outcomes for them (Supported by our staff as a priority)


Our work over the year with our partner ‘Developing Health & Independence’ has given them direct access to service users. This has resulted in more service users being supported to identify their own solutions before they get to the point of needing long-term support, therefore reducing demand on services.

A recognised provider framework has been developed as part of this work, from which people are able to choose who they want to support them with their direct payment.


Roll-out a new structure for 3rd tier management and below within the Children, Adults and Health Department, including:

  • Service manager roles and new department ‘hubs’ that together will cover responsibility for Policy, Strategy, Planning, Partnerships, Procurement, Commissioning, Performance and Information.
  • A single Strategic Safeguarding function
  • IT system requirements including linking up with our Public Health service.


A new structure was approved in December 2013, for implementation from April 2014.

The CAH Integration projects covering both Information Management and Systems have reviewed how we structure our Information management support going forward. They are also developing our future approach to IT systems for the Department. As an interim measure an extension of our current Children’s IT system contract has been negotiated, which will allow us time to develop our future IT requirements and carry out necessary soft market testing in 2014.

As part of the Public Health transfer, agreement was reached on continued access for staff to health IT systems and data via the NHS’s South West Commissioning Support Unit.