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Our priorities for change in 2014/15

A headline priority for adult social care in the coming year will be the implementation of the Care Act. This will bring changes including provision of social care in prisons; giving statutory status to Safeguarding Adults Boards; introduction of care accounts; new duties to carers; and a new national eligibility criteria for social care

Other priorities include: –

1.  Personalisation

  • Procure a new framework of Direct Payment Support Providers
  • Complete and implement the design of a new 0-25 service
  • Implement the next phase of the Better Support for Older People Programme with the closure of one of the Council’s two remaining residential care homes

2.  Equitable Access

  • Assess the intensity of Day Care Services to individual service users, but not the availability, to ensure that the extent and balance of service intensity is appropriate, using benchmarking data for other local authority areas
  • Adopt a more generic model for people seeking accommodation via HomeChoice to be supported and to make the transition into their new home
  • Review our decision making criteria for determining the type, extent and setting for the delivery of care packages to ensure an appropriate balance is achieved between the care and support needs of an individual and its cost to the community

3.  Value for Money

  • Introduce a Payment Care System for Direct Payments
  • Implement approved changes to the Council’s In-House Day Services following completion of the ‘What People Do In The Day’ Service Review
  • Implement the outcomes of Children, Adults and Health Integration Projects, including:
    • Commissioning Hub
    • Information Management

4.  Skilled Workforce

  • Commence a project to ensure our adult social care workforce is balanced in its ratio of qualified and non-qualified staff

 5.  Strong Partnerships in a Developing Local Market

  • Complete the re-procurement of community based support services, including Home Care and Day Care
  • Re-procure short break capacity
  • Re-procure Carers’ Support Services
  • Procure a new expandable Shared Lives Service capable of meeting demand to maximise benefits
  • Begin the re-commissioning of our framework for care home placements
  • Finalise our Better Care Fund proposals, submit to NHS England, and commence implementation of our plan for Integrated Health and Social Care Services
  • Publish and implement our Service Quality Framework for Domiciliary/Home Care Services. Start development of an equivalent Quality Framework for Care Home and Day Care Services
  • Publish a Market Position Statement setting out our analysis of the local market for care services and our future commissioning intentions