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Half year progress of our headline priorities for change in 2014/15

Headline priorities for adult social care this year include the implementation of the Care Act. This brings changes from April 2015 including provision of social care in prisons; giving statutory status to Safeguarding Adults Boards; introduction of care accounts; new duties to carers; and a new national eligibility criteria for social care.

During the first six months of 2014/15 we have carried out a ‘gap analysis’ comparing our current state with the future requirements of the draft regulations of Part 1 of the Act.  This has formed the basis of a series of action plans which will be finalised once the final regulations are published In November.  We have carried out modelling exercises to estimate the additional activity which may result from the implementation of the Act, particularly around self-funders and carers, and used this to produce estimates of workforce and financial impacts.  We have been very active in the regional care act programme, which is progressing work on IT systems, communications, information & advice approaches and workforce planning.

In relation to other priorities we have:

  1. Personalisation

  • We have procured a new framework of Direct Payment Support Providers
  • We have completed and implemented the design of a new 0-25 service and will continue our focus on improving and integration services in this area in response to the customer feedback we have received.
  • Reported to Adults & Housing Committee on the next phase of the Better Support for Older People Programme and commenced further work in relation to the objectives of delivering new care homes and the future decommissioning of the Council’s remaining residential care homes
  1. Equitable access

  • We have undertaken initial work on the intensity of Day Care Services to individual service users, but not the availability, to ensure that the extent and balance of service intensity is appropriate. We have compared our data with other councils in our region. We are now taking this work into a more detailed phase of analysis including a deep-dive benchmarking our data with a similar local authority in our region.
  • Proposals have been developed to deliver a more generic model for people seeking accommodation via HomeChoice to be supported and to make the transition into their new home. These proposals will be taken forward in the second half of 2014/15  We have scoped a project to review our decision making criteria for determining the type, extent and setting for the delivery of care packages to ensure an appropriate balance is achieved between the care and support needs of an individual and its cost to the community. These proposals will be taken forward in the second half of 2014/15
  1. Value for money

  • We have procured a Payment Care System for Direct Payments and worked with service user representatives and other stakeholders towards the commencement of phased roll-out of payment cards from October 2014.
  • We have implemented approved changes to the Council’s In-House Day Services following completion of the ‘What People Do In The Day’ Service Review  We have implement the outcomes of Children, Adults and Health Integration Projects, including:
  • Commissioning Hub
  • Information Management
  1. Skilled workforce

  • We have made decisions to rebalance our adult social care workforce on an interim basis ensuring an appropriate balance of qualified and non-qualified staff. We will return to this issue when the staffing requirements of delivering new duties under the Care Act have been established.
  1. Strong partnerships in a developing local market

  • We have new framework agreements in place for community based support services, including Home Care and Day Care
  • We have agreed to undertake a review of short break capacity and reported to Carers’ Advisory Partnership on the scope of that work.
  • We included the re-procurement of Carers’ Support Services within an overall project encompassing all community and voluntary sector organisations, with recommendations to Adults & Housing Committee on 19 November 2014.
  • We have continued work to procure a new expandable Shared Lives Service capable of meeting demand to maximise benefits. These proposals will be taken forward in the second half of 2014/15.  We have begun the re-commissioning of our framework for care home placements. This will be brought to Adults & Housing Committee during the second half of 2014/15 for approval of the commissioning process.
  • We finalised our Better Care Fund proposals, submitted to NHS England, and obtained their approval/sign-off.
  • We published and implemented our Service Quality Framework for Domiciliary/Home Care Services. We will develop an equivalent Quality Framework for Care Homes as part of the re-commissioning process.
  • We have publish a Market Position Statement setting out our analysis of the local market for care services and our future commissioning intentions