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South Gloucestershire’s third annual local account sets out how well we are doing in meeting the needs of adult residents of South Gloucestershire who require care and support.

Our adult social care services are designed with people at the heart of what we do – involving, informing and equipping them to use their individual experience and wishes and make the best choices in planning the support they need.

This document explains the progress we have made during 2013/14.

We have added the update report from November 2014 that shows the progress we are making.

What is a local account?

Local accounts are annual reports designed to give local residents a clear picture of:

  • the achievements we have made in adult social care – how well we are performing
  • the changes and challenges we are facing
  • our plans for future improvements

We are as ambitious as ever in setting plans and getting results that will improve people’s wellbeing and give them independence and control over their lives and the care they choose.

This is set against a backdrop of a faster pace of change and greater financial constraints. The introduction of the Better Care Fund will bring us opportunities and challenges to deliver more joined-up care by working more closely with our health colleagues and South Gloucestershire communities.

Our aims for adult social care continue to complement the Health and Wellbeing Strategy for South Gloucestershire, with an overarching vision for all health and social care.

The report is in seven sections

  1. Your local area
  2. How we met change and challenges in 2013/14
  3. Facts, figures and performance
  4. Keeping people safe
  5. Working with our partners
  6. Our priorities for change in 2014/15
  7. Explaining words and phrases

Update report from November 2014

Please give us your feedback

We would like you to let us know what you think of the local account and tell us if there is anything we have not included. Please give us your feedback.