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Hearing the voices of our service users

Following the introduction of the quality assurance survey of home care service users last year and feedback from service users that it was too long, we reduced the number of questions by over one third, retaining the key questions that enabled results to be compared with previous years and for trends to be identified.

In December 2014 we sent the questionnaire to all 911 of our home care service users with postage paid envelopes enabling responses to be returned to, and analysed by, Healthwatch. This used a unique identifier number to maintain anonymity but allow us to be alerted to and follow up with anyone who raised issues of concern.

The response rate was 37 percent and analysis of the 10 questions relating to satisfaction showed that:

  • 90 percent of respondents were extremely, very, or quite satisfied with the home care they received
  • 86 percent felt that their care workers always or usually came at times that suited them
  • 97 percent felt that the care workers always or nearly always did the things that they wanted to be done, in line with their support plans
  • The number of services users reporting that their care workers were always or often in a rush was 5 percent lower than last year at 12 percent
  • 98 percent said that their care workers never or only sometimes spent less time with them than they were supposed to
  • 89 percent always or nearly always saw the same care workers
  • 81 percent always or usually arrived at the times they said they would
  • 68 percent were always or usually advised of changes in arrangements in advance
  • 99 percent were always or usually happy with the way that their care workers treat them
  • 92 percent felt that their relationship with their care workers was excellent or good

We will use these survey results to work with provider partners as a group to drive sector-led improvement and inform training, development and procurement. The surveys also provide us with detailed results for each individual provider to share with them and use as part of individual contract management, to build on success and support improvement planning.