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Our priorities for change in 2015/16


  • Develop a new expandable shared lives service
  • Contribute to the delivery of the rehabilitation, reablement and recovery strategy in partnership with the local NHS

Equitable access

  • Monitor and respond to the implementation of the Care Act Part 1
  • Prepare for implementation of the Care Act Part 2
  • Procurement of new care home framework jointly with South Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group to include the care home reablement initiative
  • Re-commission our framework of short breaks/respite care providers
  • Commission new employment support services for people with learning difficulties

Value for money

  • Implement and support the delivery of the council savings programme

Skilled workforce

  • Commence procurement of new IT systems for children’s and adults’ services
  • Deliver the connecting care project to share key data across health and social care professionals

Strong partnerships in a developing local market

  • Implementation of Better Care Fund including Work with the NHS to develop integrated health and social care pathways and local ‘cluster’ co-ordination
  • Re-marketing of two council owned sites for potential new care homes
  • Implement a single strategic safeguarding communications plan across children’s and adults’ services
  • Publish a new market position statement
  • Further development of community capacity including via our Precious Time Project
  • Work with the local NHS on effective patient flows, including supported discharges from acute Hospital trusts
  • Undertake market shaping and enabling activities to promote additional capacity in the residential and nursing home sector as well as extra care housing