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Improving services

Relating to the Care Act 2014.

A headline priority for adult social care in the last year has been the implementation of the new duties placed on us by Part 1 of the Care Act.

The council introduced the following changes to meet the requirements of the Care Act on 1 April 2015:

  • Care and support needs are now assessed against nationally agreed criteria to make it fairer and easier. The same national eligibility threshold for support and assessment applies for carers
  • Deferred payment agreements are available across England, which means that people should not have to sell their homes in their lifetime to pay for care
  • Keeping vulnerable people safer: ensuring we and our partners are clear on responsibilities for vulnerable adults
  • We took on responsibilities to cover social care needs of prisoners with the three prisons in South Gloucestershire.

The government also took the decision to delay Part 2 of the Act until 2020 which means that work to introduce care accounts and prepare for the introduction of the cap on care costs will be delayed.

Although the announcement means we are not going to see the expected steep increase in demand in contacts and assessment requests, we are progressing with work to enable more online assessments by clients and other parties through the implementation of an Integrated Care product.