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4. Keeping people safe – adult safeguarding

Trends in number/volume of cases

2015/16 saw a slight fall in the number of adult safeguarding concerns raised in South Gloucestershire to 1,433 from 1,586 in the previous year. This number is still higher than any year before 2014/15 and is due to work undertaken to ensure that only genuine safeguarding concerns are recorded as such. Lower level issues which can and should be managed through other processes are now recorded in other ways. In 70% of cases risks were identified and plans put in place to manage or remove these. In 26% of situations no risk was identified once further enquiries had been carried out. In 3% the results were inconclusive.

The most prevalent areas of abuse and neglect continue to be neglect (45%), physical abuse (25%) and financial abuse (16%). The latter shows a slight rise and some of this would seem to be around the area of “scams”. There has been a small increase in work where the Safeguarding team and Trading Standards are able to work together.