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Low Vision Services Committee

The group has continued to focus on raising awareness of visual impairment and eye health in South Gloucestershire and work with other organisations and providers to ensure people are supported to access appropriate support and advice. Work over the last year has included:

  • Holding a six monthly Low Vision Summit to build better partnerships between different agencies and organisations and gain a better understanding of roles within low vision services
  • Mapping the low vision pathway in South Glos.
  • Developing equalities links
  • Maintaining the low vision register and keeping people informed with news and information
  • Creating an annual low vision bulletin to keep people in touch with news and information
  • Updating and developing the Low Vision Committee action plan
  • Working with colleagues who support the Low Vison Services Committee digital campaign to promote awareness of the support and information that is available locally
  • Contributed to the South Gloucestershire Joint Strategic Needs Assessment
  • Creating and working to an annual action plan