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Dementia Planning Group

The Dementia Planning Group provides a forum where partners from the statutory and voluntary sector come together to discuss and address issues affecting people with dementia and their carers.

The Dementia Planning Group is liaising with the Alzheimer’s Society Service User Representation Panel to develop a sub group of people with dementia that can contribute to the discussion at the Dementia Planning Group.

The diagnosis has increased to 60%. Our challenge now is to achieve the 67% national aspiration.

During the year we have consulted on a draft Dementia Strategy and will develop a three year strategy and action plan, in the Autumn, that will be overseen by the Dementia Planning Group.

The Dementia Action Alliance covers the whole of South Gloucestershire and is supported by a community engagement worker from Southern Brooks Partnership supported by a dedicated community engagement work in Yate.

Regular Living Well with Dementia Roadshows have become an embedded way of engaging with people who are newly diagnosed with dementia and their families, taking place within their communities. This years’ roadshows will take place in Yate, Hanham and Filton.

The council’s website continues to be a source of information to support people with dementia and their carers.

We have a number of memory cafes across South Gloucestershire: Charfield, Emersons Green, Hanham, Patchway, Thornbury, Filton, Winterbourne and Yate.

Work continues to develop alternatives to hospital placements and to reduce admissions into care homes.

From September we will have 3 Dementia Advisors, a dementia nurse and 2 Dementia Support Workers from the Alzheimer’s Society will cover the 2 GP clusters in South Gloucestershire to provide support and signposting to people with dementia and their carers.