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7. Our priorities for change 2016 – 2018

Safety and Safeguarding – protecting vulnerable children and adults.

  • Delivery of the Safeguarding Adults Board strategic priorities.

Equitable access

  • Implement phase two of the Everybody Matters Mental Health grant programme and commission Tier 2 Mental Health interventions in co-production with the Voluntary & Community sector.
  • Re-commission the Healthwatch service, to be in place by April 2017, ensuring the learning from the Healthwatch 360 degree review is built into the commissioning process.
  • To develop a revised Carers’ Strategy.
  • Substance misuse services to be fully re-commissioned by April 2017.


  • Establishing the new employment support model, focused around developing a presumption of employability and ensuring effective tailored support is available for individuals to access.
  • Continue to develop the learning difficulties and mental health community connector initiative, through the work of a community connector officer, ensuring effective links are made to broader community initiatives to facilitate access, improve social relationships and reduce isolation.
  • To work with colleagues in health and the community sector to commission, embed, develop, monitor and evaluate the Community Connector Scheme, starting in April 2016.  This scheme is aligned to the 6 locality clusters and is intended to develop independence and resilience, encourage personal responsibility and reduce or delay the need for public sector interventions.
  • Work with health and housing colleagues and Knightstone Housing Association to develop a supported living scheme at 98 Gloucester Road North, Filton.
  • To implement the changes identified within the project to make direct payments the first choice for adults and disabled children, proactively growing capacity and appetite for the use of direct payments.
  • Working with CCG colleagues and partners to continue to support the introduction of personal health budgets and ensure a ‘South Gloucestershire’ approach which enables both a smooth transfer between Continuing Health Care and Direct Payments and a simple common sense approach which works for individuals who have dual personal budgets.
  • Continue to expand the established annual home care service user survey to cover a broader range of service users in 2016, ensuring that the intelligence gathered is used to inform contract monitoring and commissioning activity.

Strong Partnerships

  • Publish the 2016 refresh of the Joint Strategic Needs Assessments to include child poverty/child mental health and develop an annual work programme to identify relevant subject areas, prioritised in line with local authority, CCG and public health commissioning intentions. A timetable will be in place and published for a review of all JSNA chapters on a three-year rolling programme which will start in 2017.
  • Publish New Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy by 2017.
  • We will contribute to the formulation and implementation of the NHS led Sustainability and Transformation Plan for the Bristol, North Somerset & South Gloucestershire (BNSSG) area and the implementation of the Better Care Fund with NHS partners and other stakeholders.
  • Continue to work collaboratively with CCG and care home providers to develop a new joint health & social care framework agreement for purchasing support in care homes, to incorporate learning from the commissioned Fair Price For Care research and to ensure that capacity for reablement beds is retained and is aligned to the framework.
  • Working together with the NHS Commissioning Support Unit to support their lead commissioning of new health and social care facilities on both the Frenchay and Thornbury hospital sites and broader 3R’s services.

Skilled workforce

  • Develop a comprehensive workforce strategy.

Effectiveness – evidenced based and value for money

  • Deliver departmental projects as part of the council savings programme and implement the outcomes of our integration projects
  • New Market Position Statement
  • Core Standards and Quality Assurance plan and regime in place for Adult Services.