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Improving services


Relating to the Care Act 2014.

A headline priority for adult social care has been the embedding of the duties placed on us by Part 1 of the Care Act.


Since commencing our plans, we have made considerable progress embedding the new legislative duties placed on us by part 1 of the Care Act and by the Children and Families Act and continue to progress the priorities for NHS integration.

Responding to single transformation plans for adults, we will continue to review the way we work, to ensure this is fit for purpose going forward with the development of cluster based activity in South Gloucestershire and to ensure that we are effective in preventing and reducing the need for intensive support, enabling people to lead independent lives in their own homes and communities.

Progress continues with the development of online tools for self-assessment which are currently being piloted and we are in the process of re-evaluating our approach towards information, advice and guidance.