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5. Listening and learning – hearing the voices of our service users

Customer satisfaction

We use a range of ongoing methods to capture our service users’ feedback and views and shape our services. This executive summary highlights key points from the analysis of customer feedback received in 2016/17 including compliments, comments, concerns and complaints.


The total number of compliments received increased compared to the previous year (332 compared to 289 in 2015/16).


The Department for Children, Adults and Health actively gathers feedback from our customers through methods including stakeholder events, consultations and focus groups.

This is vital in understanding our existing and potential customers’ views and shaping the way we deliver services. See the You said, we did section for feedback and examples of what we did to address what customers told us they wanted.


The number of MP enquiries received increased compared to the previous year the previous year (254 compared to 220 in 2015/16. The majority of the enquiries were again about housing services.

The number of concerns received was also broadly similar to the previous year (175 compared with 172 in 2015/16). Of the 175 concerns received 8 moved into the complaints process.


The department saw a fall in the number of complaints received during 2016/17 (274 compared with 324 in 2015/16). Of the complaints which reached completion during the period, 20% were upheld, 28% partially upheld, 43% were not upheld and it was not possible to reach a finding in 9% of complaints. This is a similar picture to the previous year.

Three formal enquiries were received from the Ombudsman during 2016/17 (eight in 2015/16).