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6. Working with our partners

The Learning Difficulties Partnership Board

South Gloucestershire Learning Difficulties Partnership Board (LDPB) is a multi-agency group who work to make sure that people with learning difficulties have the same rights, choices and opportunities as everyone expects and deserves. The LDPB supports local organisations and groups to work together to increase opportunities for people with learning difficulties.

The board works in partnership with people with learning difficulties, family carers and staff from the council and other agencies, including the CCG, Sirona and voluntary and community organisations,  across South Gloucestershire to improve the lives of all people with a learning difficulty.

The LDPB co-chairperson is employed directly by South Gloucestershire Council’s Department for Children, Adults and Health.

The co-chairperson’s role also involves making sure:

  • information is accessible to people with learning difficulties
  • visiting and monitoring Learning Difficulties Development Fund projects to ensure they make positive and sustainable changes for people with learning difficulties
  • people with learning difficulties have the chance to have their say about the services and support available to them and are able to influence the way services are delivered
  • people with additional and complex needs and people from minority communities have the same opportunities as everyone else and are empowered to speak up about their experiences

The LDPB meets six times a year and each meeting has a theme. In the last year, the themes of the meetings have been:

  • Health
  • Housing
  • Employment
  • Personalisation
  • Learning Difficulties Development Fund Awards
  • Staying safe

The 2016/17 Learning Difficulties Development Fund (LDDF) supported a number of projects and initiatives including a programme of training for people with learning difficulties to understand and report hate crime, an initiative to enable people with learning difficulties to work on art projects in the community and a project supporting young people aged 13-25 to gain the skills to become independent, as well as being able to travel on their own on public transport.

This year the LDPB has again been able to award £77,172 from the LDDF to projects that will work to achieve the aims and priorities of the Board. For more information see