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Carers’ Advisory Partnership (CAP)

The Carers’ Advisory Partnership (CAP) is a multi-agency forum that oversees the strategic approach, delivery and development of carers’ services and support in South Gloucestershire. Carers are equal and valued members of this partnership, and contribute to agenda setting, bringing their views and perspectives to how support develops in South Gloucestershire, and providing challenge where needed. They also contribute views and feedback gathered from their contact with other carers in South Gloucestershire.

The Carers’ Support Centre are members of the CAP and are commissioned to provide a range of key services for carers, from raising awareness of the caring role to encourage carers to self identify and receive information and support, to providing one to one support for carers, including the completion of a carer’s assessment.

At the end of March 2017, the number of carers registered on Connecting Carers, the Carers’ Register was 4,922; this figure continues to grow year on year.

Partnerships with other organisations focus on supporting carers through carers’ groups, a carers’ choir and other activities, and providing social opportunities for carers through Time 4 Carers.

Over the course of the year the CAP has worked on the following areas:

  • Strategy development – CAP members were key partners in devising the consultation, reviewing the results of the consultation, and in the production of the strategy document, action plan and equalities impact assessment.  They also had input into the Dementia and Falls Prevention Strategies. A group of young carers have produced their own version of the carers strategy for other young carers.
  • Input into consultation – CAP members were invited to comment on the Care Home Framework, and the domicilary care services consultations.  A carers’ open meeting at the Carers Support Centre focussed on carers’ feedback on support at home, and this also fed into the consultation.
  • Updates on service developments – CAP received updates on and contributed their perspective to:
  • Extra Care housing
  • the development of Individual Service Funds
  • the development of rehabilitation, reablement and recovery services
  • services for carers of people with substance misuse issues
  • the development of the CURO service based in GP practices
  • the development of cluster working across health and social care
  • and how carers are supported and their voices heard in Avon and Wiltshire Partnership Trust.