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Mental health

Work has focused on improving information and advice on mental health and encouraging positive wellbeing, challenging stigma around mental health and changing attitudes to people who experience mental ill health.

The key achievements for the past year are:

  • Joint commissioning, with the Clinical Commissioning Group, Off the Record to run resilience sessions in secondary schools across South Gloucestershire to improve all pupils’ ability to manage their own mental health.
  • Working with the University of the West of England to promote and support improved mental health for university students.
  • The amalgamation of the existing three Everybody’s Business Grant funded projects into one joint offer under the Wellbeing College umbrella. This includes linking this work to the Community Connectors programme and talking therapies to make a more co-ordinated primary mental health offer in South Gloucestershire.
  • We were part of successful joint bid with Bristol and North Somerset to increase the capacity of service that support parents experiencing post-natal depression. This includes support ante-natally at a community level right through to specialist services
  • South Gloucestershire Council successfully achieved Time to Change accreditation in recognition of our work to improve staff wellbeing and challenge intuitional stigma. This includes regular work based campaigns, staff welling activities and staff training.
  • We have run a series of successful awareness campaigns including Mental Health Awareness Week, World Mental Health Day, Movember and CYP Mental Health Week. Events included our first CYP Mental Health Conference attended by 140 people. As result of our communication approach our web page views have increased by 300% over the last two years.
  • Over 2000 people have attended one of our courses to improve their knowledge of how to promote positive mental health. This includes almost 100 people who have attended our two day suicide prevention course.
  • We have continued the evaluation of the redesign of talking therapy services and have worked with providers to improve practice using the lessons learnt.
  • We have further developed a team of local mental health champions including members of the public, professionals and political leaders to ensure mental health has advocates throughout our local community.
  • Our new CYP mental health strategy and action plan was agreed and adopted by the CYP and Families Partnership in February 2017. This strategy and action plan took account of the emerging new national mental health strategy.